Erin Praxidike

Avenging Fury


Erin has black, tightly-wound curls that reach halfway down her back but are typically held in a braid, with a white streak at her left temple. She has tattoos she doesn’t remember getting, one on each arm, bands made of snakes that wind loosely from elbow to shoulder. She tends to wear all black, with knee-high boots and a skirt that ends just above the knee, and a leather jacket, under which she holsters her whip.

Character Sheet


Erin was an accomplished curse-breaker who worked closely with her mentor on cases around the world. On her last case, something went wrong and a curse got channeled into her instead of broken. Knowing she would die soon anyway, Erin attempted to summon a Fury to avenge her against the person who caused this to happen, but something went awry in the summoning and Erin was fused with the Fury instead. Now she has no clear memory of her former life, nor of who wronged her, only a powerful drive to avenge wrongs and a thirst for vengeance in particular against those who break oaths. Her curse-breaking skills remain largely intact despite her memory loss, but now she finds herself with some of the peculiar abilities and attributes of a Fury as well. In addition, the curse seems to have been – at least temporarily – put on hold and she suffers no further ill-effects from it.

Erin Praxidike

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