Jannik Tabor

"Make it explode right? No? Oops."


Physical Description:
Jannik’s hair is in a constant state of turmoil, unkempt and messy on the best of days. The light brown locks are longer on the right and are usually shoved away from the face. The left is kept shorter, cut closer around the ear, and the back is of medium length between the two. His eyes are blue and gentle, at least until his barely restrained tension boils to the surface. Then, they are merry and wild, betraying the primal energies that course through his body. His skin is pale, muscles lean and taut, as if he is always a few seconds away from violence or disaster.

Psychological Reports, Summary:
Jannik shows problems in maintaining control over strong emotions, particularly that of anger. The events of his youth have made it difficult for him to make and keep close or meaningful relationships, including how to appropriately respond to confrontation and positive social interaction. His anxiety and frustrations typically manifest in violence, and he struggles with learning coping mechanisms to manage his emotions in a suitable manner. His emotional instability likely stems from his lack of parental and platonic bonds as a child, lack of a permanent home, and perpetual social conflicts within familial and social structures. Otherwise, he is attentive, energetic, and excitable when it comes to his subjects of interest.


Jannik was raised in the foster care system.
Personal Life

Parents and Presently

Joining the Society


Splosion Table

“Never calm, only controlled,” is a saying about his people that aptly applies to Jannik, his powers, and his emotions.

The team is not aware of his heritage, but likely suspects he is at least more than human, if human at all. Magical beings and those who have magical powers find themselves..disturbed in his presence. His energy is that of entropy and chaos, and it views magic in all forms as a virus, lashing out at both its vessel and the invasion violently and often erratically. Unchanneled, it is like radiation to magic and its users, and often innocent bystanders, toxic and unstable to their very existence.

This comes with its upsides for Jannik however: He is physically tough, as well as resilient to magic and magical energy, and even capable of manipulating it. His own energy is a constant force just around him, spreading out due to his own emotions, violence, stress, and the detection of magic and foreign energy. The more potent the magic, the more intense its response, and if he does not remove himself from the source, his own powers gradually destabilize, leading to catastrophe if not handled quickly.

As if having a life of its own, his powers also react strongly to chaos in any form, and substances that are unstable themselves react strongly to him. Though the results of being near these kinds of substances and energies are often disastrous to everything round him, he is drawn naturally to chaos in all its forms.

Police Reports, Summary:
2 Counts of Assault
1 Count of Assault and Battery
2 Counts of Petty Theft
2 Counts of Disorderly Conduct

File note, Society documentation of further criminal activity during vagrancy:
4 Counts Grand Theft Auto
2 Counts Grand Larceny
23 Counts Aggravated Battery
15 Counts Assault with a Deadly Weapon
3 Counts Vehicular Assault
2 Counts Manslaughter
Multiple Counts Drug Possession, Petty Theft, Trespassing, Trespassing on Federal Property, Breaking and Entering
File note: Too many times to be sure of accuracy.

Jannik Tabor

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