Salbatic god. Location undisclosed.



Height: 5’6
Weight: 120 lbs
Eyes: Grey
Hair: White
Type: Salbatic God
Status: Active

By mastering her emotions more thoroughly than other Salbatic agents, Layla is able to more directly focus and expand upon her power, using it more to her advantage.

Blinking is capable on a more frequent basis.
Healing and physical resilience heightened.
Magic resilience greatly heightened. Energy can be used as an expanded shield around her for fellow agents against magical effects.
Blast effects are rarely random and show greater destructive capability.
Hand to hand effectiveness increased – Layla can more directly infuse herself with her energy, causing serious damage upon contact.

Psych Profile:
Layla struggles with human connections but shows deep loyalty to her own kind. Will not speak of them or their place of origin.

Layla does not seem to form attachments to team members, but shows great skill in working within a team cooperatively.

Avoids all vices, but upon careful observation, is shown to thoroughly enjoy them and be affected by them as heavily as other Salbatics.

Upon close inspection, it is believed Layla also finds enjoyment in completing her work, and extreme violence. The latter should be monitored very closely, as it is a common pattern seen in the species. She does not act outside the bounds of her work however, and never uses confrontation without reason.


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