Lucine Ohanian

That nice lady who does the freaky shit.



A good-natured young woman in her mid-to-late-twenties with dark hair, green eyes, and a gentle demeanor. Lucine tends to dress simply in whatever clothes are readily available (though has a certain preference for modesty when possible), though achieves an inner sense of normalcy by putting considerable effort into her makeup. She stands at around 5’6’’ and weighs in at about 130 pounds.

Lucine is generally pleasant, though often a bit distant. She’s unaccustomed to being the center of attention, and prefers to go unnoticed if possible. She’s more comfortable in small groups than large ones, but doesn’t mind crowds as long as she can disappear in them. She has difficulty accepting compliments, and shows numerous signs of overall poor self-esteem. She keeps her emotions in check out of necessity, as her abilities are much more difficult to control if she allows herself to feel too strongly. As such, she comes across as mild-mannered and almost entirely free of temper, though the latter is far from true. In truth, she’s peeved quite easily, but fights showing it or acting on it out of a fear of surrendering herself to irrationality.

Foible: Font of Madness
[stuff about leakage]

Lucine is plagued with bizarre, otherworldly nightmares on a nightly basis. But frankly, that’s not the problem – she’s had them all her life, she’s grown pretty damn used to it by now. No, the problem is that they have an unfortunate tendency to leak over into her waking hours, leaving her with vivid, if fleeting, hallucinations of a particularly disturbing quality. They aren’t constant, but when they do set in their effect on her is noticeable. While she isn’t actively terrified of what she sees (at least not anymore), it does leave her rather nervous and on edge, as well as incredibly distracted. She doesn’t know for certain, but she’s fairly sure that this is all a side effect of her powers.

Lucine’s powers revolve primarily around telepathic image projection and altering a target’s perceptions, and all have a profound detrimental effect on the human psyche. A short burst of horrible images and impossible sensory information causes confusion and disorientation (though a short burst is rather hard for her to achieve). A slightly longer dose can trigger panic attacks, or violent outbursts in those prone to them. A lengthy exposure will often leave a crying, gibbering heap on the floor, while even longer tends to leave the victim catatonic. Damage may or may not be permanent, depending on the victim’s own mental resiliency, but tends to linger uncomfortably even in the most hardy of minds.

She has this ability mostly under control these days (this was notably not always the case) as long as she maintains an even temperament. Extremes of emotion seriously shake her handle on her powers, so she does her best not to feel anything too strongly, lest an accident occur. Fear is the worst of the bunch, and a frightened Lucine is incredibly dangerous, whether she wishes to be or not. If she’s attacking intentionally, she finds her power much more fluid and easier to force out in large quantities. If she doesn’t mean to attack, her power has a tendency to do so anyway. Other emotions can cause accidental slippage as well, but fear has the most pronounced effect on her control.

Prolonged low-grade exposure to Lucine’s abilities often produces paranoia and hostility. She largely has the low-level leak under control now, but it was a major problem for much of her life, even without the larger accidental usages.

Languages Spoken
Fluent: Armenian, Russian, English
Conversational: German, Polish, Italian, French
Knows a Little: Ukrainian, Romanian, Greek, Spanish, Dutch, Danish


Lucine knows very little of her very early life – her biological parents are a mystery to her, and she has no idea how she spent much of her first year. She was adopted at the age of ten months by Ruben and Taline Ohanian and raised in Yerevan, Armenia. Although she herself appeared to be a fairly normal child, Lucine was surrounded by unsettled people, even when they had been quite fine when she was not there. Her world was drenched with a sense of unease that she couldn’t fully understand.

She never exactly thrived in school. Academically she did perfectly well, but what few friends she managed to make never stuck around for long. She became quiet and withdrawn, resigning herself to watching the lives of others from a distance without ever joining in. Her family life wasn’t much better. Over the years they became less and less affectionate, consumed in their own problems more and more as time went on. The only one she was ever properly close to was her adoptive older brother Toros, who somehow overcame the strange effect she had on people and actually treated her like family. Still, she had a lonely childhood, and it only grew worse in her teens.

She was around twelve during her mother’s first stint in a psychiatric institution. Her father devolved into alcoholism by thirteen. Her sister left for college and never once came back to visit. Toros was, somehow, fine throughout all of this, or at least he managed to act like it. And it was at fifteen, after her mother’s third suicide attempt, that Lucine finally decided she couldn’t take it anymore. She planned for a few weeks, getting a passport on her own and secretly securing travel arrangements, then vanished one night. She left a note for Toros, but gave no indication of where she might have been going.

Lucine traveled north through Georgia and into Russia, then through Ukraine and Poland, finally stopping for a while in Germany. She stayed there for two months before realizing that the people she regularly interacted with were beginning to act just like her family had. Could she be the problem, she wondered? She couldn’t risk it if she was. She began to move around Europe by train, staying in any given spot for no more than a few days. She started her now-tradition of sending a postcard to her brother every month, even if she could never hear anything in reply, just for that sense of some sort of human connection.


Lucine Ohanian

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