Nichole McDowell

Coriander Society Handler (and Ted)


Nichole’s articles, journalism and editorial pieces made her a potential rising star amongst upper end periodicals. Her writing is characterized by dry, biting wit and the ability to generate an outsider’s perspective on virtually anything. From literary reviews to political op-eds to cultural satire, McDowell had a knack for reductio ad absurdum that draw some notice. Unfortunately, reaching the upper echelons—getting a column in, say, The New Yorker, takes talent, time, and knowing the right people. McDowell was impatient. She’d fired salvo after salvo of quippy paragraphs and still wasn’t in. Determined to be the youngest columnist in a while, she tried looking into other methods.

Asked about why she dropped off the face of conventional journalism, she blames Ted. The ritual she found while on assignment in Athens (writing about the Greek financial crisis) was supposed to summon a real to life goddamned muse. Nichole asked for Thalia, muse of comedy. Instead, she got Thanakoim, God of Deadlines—AKA Ted. Ted hounds her relentlessly, silently looming over her shoulder as panic-fueled inspiration forces words to the page. Her career is actually doing well, but not in the channels she’d hoped for.

Frickin Ted.

After attracting the attention of the relentless darkmuse, Nichole got more attention—the Coriander Society. In exchange for helping her research a way to deal with her gleeful tormentor, she serves as a handler for the Tantalus Chapter.

Most of her patience is exhausted by Ted, and the team she’s supposed to shepherd doesn’t help. Do not approach when uncaffeinated.


Nichole McDowell

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