Ruaridh Kerr

"I always tell the truth. Even when I lie."


Character Sheet

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Lore: The Curse of the Changelings

Microfic: The Hotdog Likeness

Physical Description:

Ruaridh appears to be in his early twenties, most often appearing with orange-red hair that falls in soft waves to mid-chest. His eyes flit from an icy blue to a moss green, mostly dependent on his mood at the time. Tall and rather lanky, most would describe Ruaridh as having androgynous features and his style of dress compliments that fact. Because he lived most of his life in Scotland he does have a distinguishable brogue, yet it has been tempered by his many years abroad.


Ruaridh is, in a word, fun-loving. He does things only that he thinks will achieve a good time in one way or another, often at another’s expense. He is a prankster and loves wheedling and pushing those around him just to the edge of tolerance. Generally he is pleasant to be around, unless of course you find yourself at the receiving end of a whatever mischief he has currently brewed up. His favorite pastime is cooking, and he enjoys little more than others delighting in his culinary creations. Ruaridh does well in groups, as well as one on one, but cannot stand to be alone for more than a short length of time. He prides himself on his ability to read others and often people watches just to form a better understanding of what it is that makes people tick. Lies flow easily from his lips, and often he will tell every person he meets a different story just for the fun of it.

Name Pronunciation:

English version:
Ruaridh- Rory
Kerr- Kur (rhymes with lure)

Scottish version:
Ruaridh- Roo-ri
Kerr- Care


Fluent: Scots, English, Gaelic, French
Conversational: Italian, Spanish


Ruaridh’s abilities stem from his people’s creation by the Trickster God (see Lore). Using the magic that is innate within him, he is able to physically change his form into whatever, or more accurately whomever, he wishes. These changes range from small feature changes such as eye and hair color, to much more noticeable things such as body size/shape, gender, and age. Because the magic changes his body on the physical plane, it is more than mere illusion magic. Any strengths or disabilities that come with his new body affect him like they were his own. Because of the obviousness of the change as it occurs, his magic also provides him the ability to blend into the shadows and not be noticed by others at times when the change would normally have been seen.

The Trickster God also blessed Ruaridh and his people with an innate luck that follows him wherever he is. But probably the most useful of all his talents is his ability to lie. This is both an ability that he has worked on and cultivated over his lifespan, and a magical one as well. As for the magic, the sound of his voice compels others to listen and believe what he tells them. Yet it is more than just his voice…something about his posture, his demeanor, his very being makes people want to believe what he tells them and the things that he does. Another way he is able to trick the mind, so to speak, is his form. Ruaridh can delve into the most secret place in your heart and divine your innermost secrets, from what form is most pleasing to the eye to what prank would be the most amusing on that particular person. It is a type of reading, and requires him to be in the line of sight of the person he is trying to affect.



Unbeknownst to them, Ruaridh joined his new family at the age of six. His new parents, Liam and Bridget Kerr, lived in Edinburgh, Scotland. They owned a restaurant that had been passed down in Bridget’s family for generations called The Kitchin. Here Ruaridh grew up, spending all of his free time as a child in the kitchen with his mum learning the family trade. He attended the Royal High School in Edinburgh, getting by with barely passing grades despite his sharp mind due to his easily bored demeanor. When he was seventeen years of age his parents, on their way home after a long night at the restaurant, died tragically in a car crash. Already the head chef at the time, he inherited the family business but decided that he wanted to see the world and become better at his craft. He decided to hire a manager and new chef to run the place in his absence, taking off for New York to seek his education.

Ruaridh attended the Institute of Culinary Education at the age of twenty, receiving a diploma in the culinary arts. He then left the US to work under Michelin starred chef Christian Le Squer at Le Cinq restaurant in the Four Seasons hotel in Paris, France. He stayed there for another three years, exploring France, learning the language, and making merry mischief everywhere and anywhere he chose. But again the boredom set in, and his need for a change overtook him. He decided to return to New York, where he had previously studied, to open his own restaurant, The Red Riddler. He worked as executive chef for another year or so before boring of the task once more, finding another Michelin starred chef to replace him.

Ruaridh Kerr

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