Character Creation

WELCOME! Before using this guide, take a moment to open up the Character Sheet and create a new copy for yourself. It will help the below make more sense.

1. Name and Concept
You have been recruited by the mysterious (and oddly named) Coriander Society, dedicated to protecting unsuspecting humans from earth’s magical heritage (and vice versa!)
The society takes a number of dangerous and complex missions, so you have some skill or background that makes you useful. You also have a tie to the supernatural of some kind. Come up with an idea and name for your character and that will inform the rest of your abilities.

2. Foible
Something that hinders your character. This could be a personal flaw, a vice, a haunting secret that dogs you, a supernatural curse, an angry drug dealer out to get you—whatever it is, it’s something that will complicate your life.

Come up with something that will be interesting and fun to play, and can be written as a single word, phrase, sentence, etc. Every time this foible complicates your life, you will be rewarded with style dice!

3. Motivation
This is your first Forte! A forte is a quality, knack, skill, profession, or other thing that your character is good at or makes you good at stuff.

Pick a motivation for your character. This could be a single word (Love, revenge, wealth, safety, knowledge) or something specific (I seek the holy grail, Death Before Dishonor, The Truth Is Out There, etc).

Your motivation is a Good [+2] forte. Any action you perform that directly pertains to your motivation gets a +2 bonus.

Make sure your motivation is fun to play and informs your character’s storyline/characterization/etc.

4. Past
What your character did or what happened to your character before you joined the Society. This is another Good [+2] forte.

On the Run, Pizza Delivery Guy, Orphan, White-Collar Worker, Park Ranger, Sole Survivor, FBI Agent—whatever defines your past can go here. It’s often a profession but can also be an experience or theme that followed your character throughout your life.

Your past can help you—skills that someone with your past might have, or situations you might be familiar with because of your past, etc, all can get a +2 bonus as applicable. Think broadly.

5. Specialty
This is the cool thing that primarily defines your character. Your “Hat” if you will. If this was a TV show and you had to list off all the characters, this would be the phrase or term you’d use to define yourself.

You can purchase techniques for your Specialty at a reduced cost, so you’ll be especially good at this. It could be a profession (Ninja, driver, baseball player, financial genius), a personality trait (terrifying, charming, seductive, deceptive, perceptive, etc), a skill (blood magic, fencing, firearms, acrobatics, martial arts, negotiation), a supernatural power (telepathic, water bender, super speed, sixth sense, planeswalker), or anything else you can think of!

This is another Good [+2] forte. Think broadly! If you pick Swordplay [good +2], you will be dangerous in a sword fight—but if you pick Ninja [good +2], you will be good in a sword fight, a stealth scene, climbing walls, knowing about feng-la dragons, and anything else a ninja would be good at.

If you want to be especially good at one thing, don’t worry—that’s coming up.

6. Fortes

You get three additional fortes! These allow you to flesh out your character in other areas or specialize.

Fortes can either be completely new, or you can use these to increase the rank of the fortes you picked up above (From Good to [Expert +4] and from Expert to [Master +6]). Each rank you go up takes one of your fortes.

Consider adding fortes of the following types:
Professional: Careers, training sets, “classes” that your character might have (FBI Agent, Cat Burglar, Professor, Linguist, Mechanic, Financial Advisor, Engineer, Ninja, Samurai, Pirate, Navy SEAL, etc)

Personality Traits: (Charming, Seductive, Cold, Engaging, Deceptive, Intimidating, Scary, Soothing, Unassuming, Compelling, Leader)

Physical Traits (Fast, Slippery, Tough as Nails, Unusually Strong, Hearty, Lithe, Hand-Eye Coordination, Athlete, Fencer, Track Runner)

Mental Traits (Quick witted, stubborn, strong-willed, genius, clever, perceptive, suspicious, analytical, poetic, creative)

Other skills (Swordplay, firearms, sniper, repartee, stunt driver, daredevil, acrobat, never say die, determined, hacker, lucky, ancient lore, academic, wealthy, rune magic, gearhead, Secret [half vampire])

Possessions/Equipment/Extras (Gear [Sword, Gun, Fancy Computer, anything], Vehicle [Private Jet, Sports Car, Motorcycle, Sailboat], Sanctum [Good Guy Bar, Secret Base, Safehouse, Hideout], Sidekick [Bodyguard, Secretary, Mission Control], Minions, Social Status)

Anything goes as long as we work it out in advance. Remember, anything that a given forte might help out with, it will help out with.

7. Techniques: These are special bits that make you extra effective under the right conditions. Techniques can be chained to a given forte (they only apply to that forte) or unchained (usable with ANY forte as long as they apply).

When you activate a forte, you get to either add +1 to your roll, or roll +1d6 (take the best)

You get 5 points to spend on techniques.

  • Unchained techniques cost 3 points
  • Techniques chained to a forte cost 2 points
  • Techniques chained to your specialty cost 1 point!

There are five types of techniques:
Idiom: Performing actions in a particular idiom grants you the bonus
Examples: Calculating, cold, cocky, mysterious, acrobatic, casual, under pressure, focused, intense, sarcastic, precise, professional, insane

Location/Situation: Performing actions under certain conditions grants you a bonus.
Examples: City streets, bars, at court, in disguise, on hallowed ground, in graveyards, crime scenes, following orders, in total darkness, while wounded, with a partner, in moving vehicles

Maneuver: You have a trademark move that gives you an edge.
Examples: Convince, dodge, parry, research, lie, throw, crazy ivan, bootlegger reverse, I am not left handed, Curse of the Muses, Magic Missile, Dead Aim, Charming Smile, bait and switch, IT WAS THE BUTLER/dramatic reveal

Foes or Vs X: Using your forte against certain foes or challenges is your specialty.
Examples: Vs Undead, Vs Men, Vs. Brick Walls, Vs. Airplanes, Vs Criminals, Vs. Romance Languages, Vs. Forbidden Lore, Vs. Security Cameras, Vs. Dames, Vs. Whiskey

Tool or Weapon: You have preferred implements.
Examples: Prepared Speech, Ritual Circle, Dual Pistols, Walking Stick, Tablets, Improvised Tools, My Custom Rig, Katanas, Bungee Cords, Fire

8. Miscellany: Character appearance, backstory, etc. Go nuts! This is the fun stuff!

9. Make it Official: Create a new character on the portal, link your character sheet to that character, pick an awesome picture, write up some backstory and fluff and appearance and stuff and share your awesomeness with the world. Now all you need is a chapter to join and some adventures.

Character Creation

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