The Society

Synposis: The Coriander Society

You’ll rarely hear anyone say “The Coriander Society” out loud. Not so much because it’s forbidden or magical, but because “The Society” rolls off the tongue more easily, and sounds cooler. The origins of the name are a bit of a mystery—we know that coriander seeds are an ingredient in an ancient Chinese love potion, and that it’s basically just cilantro, but why you’d name your enduring order of wardens after such an innocuous plant is anyone’s guess.

Regardless—The Society’s been around for a long, long time, at least since the middle ages. Over the centuries it’s had a hand in one occult organization or another. In its current format, the Society divides itself into cells. Cells are given limited knowledge of each others operations, to prevent a single point of failure. Nobody is quite sure where orders come from—independent contractors are assigned a Handler who somehow stays in touch with Command. Ostensibly there’s an Omniscient Council of Vagueness sitting atop the whole thing, deciding how best to safeguard earth’s magical heritage (and protect the mundanes from it).

Those who work for the Society retain a lot of freedom. They’re welcome to live fairly ordinary lives, if they can handle it. The Society has standards regarding the use of supernatural capacity against mundanes (cheating the lottery is a no-go, for example), but in exchange for restraint they offer financial support, access to an incredible amount of lore and information, safe houses, transport, and other resources.

It’s a practical approach, all in all. They aren’t looking for heroes, so much. They don’t want people who are going to try to change the world—just people who know what’s going on and are willing to get paid to save it.

Known Affiliates

Iponri Chapter

  • Handler: Ms. Ashe
  • Status: Fully staffed.
  • Location: Mobile
  • Resources: (Sanctum/Vehicle?)
  • Jurisdiction: Curses (further focus on ancestral & technological curses), forensics (karmic, digital, genetic, mythological), research & reconnaissance consulting, security penetration

Tantalus Chapter

“These people aren’t listening.”
“We have a team that speaks very loudly.”

  • Location: TBD
  • Resources: (Sanctum/Vehicle?)
  • Jurisdiction: Field work, financial forensics & investigation, middle-eastern supernatural community, global operations, illicit & distressed urban communities, aggressive negotiations
  • Notes: Tantalus Chapter specializes in focused chaos. Each member of the team has a knack for disrupting systems—political, technological, arcane and so forth. Combined with a chapter member whose specialty is calculation and statistics, they are introduced into situations where the status quo is detrimental to the welfare of humanity or the supernatural. Each Tantalus agent is assigned a Moebius Inhibitor—a platinum ring with a twist, that serves as an insulator against sibaltic energies.

Inquirere Chapter

  • Handler: Classified: D-2
  • Status: Fully staffed.
  • Members: Classified: D-2
  • Location: Classified: D-2
  • Resources: Nearly limitless human knowledge, mythological texts, religious texts, magical resources.
  • Jurisdiction: Identification of anomalous objects, translation of texts, classification of magical beasts (only harmless or dead beasts accepted), disassembly of magical items.
  • Communication Protocol: No contact shall be made with Inquirere Chapter directly and any attempts to do so will result in direct intervention from Delta One personnel. Instead, any items should be shipped by the slowest method possible to:

Santa’s Helpers
1 Sleigh Way
The North Pole, NP, 00001-0001

Under no circumstances shall a return address be included on packages sent to Inquirere Chapter.

Note: All magical items deemed unsafe should be sent in the safest way possible and the container shall be marked by a single sticker with a yellow and black smiling face depicted.

The Society

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