Dr. Francis Solomon

Spoiled Genetic Theurgist


This is a guy who would be good looking if he didn’t constantly wear a grimace of disgust and if he wasn’t constantly looking down at you along his long-ish nose.


Subject Dossier Cover Page:
Reporting Agent: Classified: D-2
ID#: 391-45B
Classification: D-3
Subject: Dr. Solomon, Francis
Tags: Genetic Theurgy

Containment Status: Negative Immediate action required

Description of Ability/Anomaly:
The subject posses the ability to distill and use traits he finds in human/humanoid genetic material including but not limited to: physical abilities, anomalous/magical abilities and supernatural traits. His ability requires the use of a laboratory and preparation. The magical connections made are unclear at this time. (Recommend cross check with Chinese chapters familiar with Ancestral Theurgy)
Updated: (See attached communique from 敬祖 chapter)

Subject Background:
Dr. Solomon is decedent from a young Jewish couple, Daniel Solomon and Hadar Neuhaus who believed they had cracked the code of human genetics in the late 1930’s. Although this research would have been priceless to Hitler and the Nazi Party, the racism led to riots which burnt down the lab and drove them out of Germany. (Recommend cross checks with German chapters to ensure no anomalous interference)

Despite being banished from their home and losing their priceless research, the couple got married in the U.S. and then resumed their work from the ground up. They developed pharmaceuticals and other medical innovations which saved countless lives. (See attached financial documents). This brought incredible wealth to the Solomon family but never satisfaction. A hole was made in that family which no amount of wealth, or recognition could fill. They had had their hands on the solution to human suffering. They could have perfected the human race and eliminated sickness and cancer. Resentment and loss consumed them and poisoned their future generations.

The Solomon family gained honor and distinction in the medical fields and produced another generation of fantastic researchers and doctors. The first born, David II married into another family of Germanic Jews. By the time his son Francis was born the goal of perfection for the sake of humanity has been turned into a sick obsession and nothing Francis could do would satisfy his father’s hunger.

Francis flew through college at MIT, grad-school at Stanford, med-school at Harvard Medical, a PhD at MIT, another PhD at Cal Tech all before the age of 30. (see attached transcripts) Genetics came to him with an ease that would have impressed his grandparents and certainly could earn him a Nobel Prize.

During his time at med-school Francis began to discover that he could isolate genes with incredible rapidity. It is suspected that this is when his abilities began to manifest. (See report on Dr. Wan).

Subject Status:
Currently Dr. Solomon is employed with King Universal Performance and it is suspected that he has been involved in some sort of underground trafficking within the company. King Universal Performance is suspected to be involved in anomalous/magical behaviors.

Further information pending. (See report 793-37B)

The subject is selfish and narcissistic and dangerous in that way. Despite his negative qualities it is possible he could be a useful member of future chapters as his abilities are highly versatile. He shows few traits of skittishness around abnormalities/magic and would be a valuable member although an expensive one to maintain due to his self-serving nature.

Dr. Solomon is too dangerous to himself and public safety in his current uncontained state. Termination would be simple but unnecessary. He would serve our purposes better while in a chapter or contained within secure facilities.

-——————————-End Report————————————

Dr. Francis Solomon

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