Inquirere Chapter

  • Handler: Classified: D-2
  • Status: Fully staffed.
  • Members: Classified: D-2
  • Location: Classified: D-2
  • Resources: Nearly limitless human knowledge, mythological texts, religious texts, magical resources.
  • Jurisdiction: Identification of anomalous objects, translation of texts, classification of magical beasts (only harmless or dead beasts accepted), disassembly of magical items.
  • Communication Protocol: No contact shall be made with Inquirere Chapter directly and any attempts to do so will result in direct intervention from Delta One personnel. Instead, any items should be shipped by the slowest method possible to:

Santa’s Helpers
1 Sleigh Way
The North Pole, NP, 00001-0001

Under no circumstances shall a return address be included on packages sent to Inquirere Chapter.

Note: All magical items deemed unsafe should be sent in the safest way possible and the container shall be marked by a single sticker with a yellow and black smiling face depicted.


Coriander Schmae_Clark