King Universal Performance

Organization Dossier Cover Page:
Reporting Agent: Classified: D-2
ID#: 793-37B
Classification: D-3 (Allow Access for Tantalus)
Subject: King Universal Performance
Tags: Chaos Magic

Containment Status: Negative Immediate action required.

Description of Ability/Anomaly:
Products from K.U.P. have been shown to contain moderate amounts of chaos magic. (See Inquirere Chapter report) The energy drink “Dragon’s Blood,” in particular has been determined to be directly imbued with chaotic magical energies.

Subject Background:
King Universal Performance was formed out of Abu Dhabi Oil as a subsidiary after the financial success of additional deep water rigs built off the coast of Kuwait in late 2013. Based in Dubai, K.U.P. develops and distributes sports performance gear and sports drinks to extreme sports enthusiasts.

Detection of the anomalous elements occurred in Fall of 2014 by Chapter Name Deleted. Classified: D-2. (See attached report 596-54C) Simultaneously, connections were found between K.U.P. and local criminal gangs. The efforts of Chapter Name Deleted. Classified: D-2 to determine the cause and establish containment failed. _(See casualty list in 596-54C).

Despite the failure of Chapter Name Deleted. Classified: D-2, information on Dr. Solomon (See report: 391-45B) was obtained. This potential asset has been identified as a key scientific element in the production of Dragon’s Blood.

While the initial clandestine activities of the company were P.E.D.s and other relatively harmless products, criminal entities are believed to be escalating their involvement within the company. Dr. Solomon is also suspected in underground workings within the company which may put him at risk.

Subject Status:
K.U.P. is believed to be escalating its production of P.E.D.s for use by criminal elements. The R&D lab located in Dubai is the centroid of all anomalous and clandestine activities.

The potential for public endangerment and loss of containment associated with K.U.P. requires immediate action. Exposure of anomalous elements and wide spread loss of life is likely given the dangerous nature of chaos magic.

Immediate unplanned destabilization of K.U.P. is required in order to prevent disaster. Tantalus Chapter should be sent to restructure the company and, if possible, retrieve and recruit Dr. Solomon.

-——————————-End Report————————————

King Universal Performance

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